Greenfield Medicinal Cannabis is a licensed medicinal cannabis importer and distributor in Australia.



What we do


Greenfield MC is a licensed medicinal cannabis importer and distributor in Australia, with expanding operations in cultivation, research and distribution in New Zealand, South Korea and beyond. We work closely with doctors, hospitals, pharmacists, compounders and manufacturers to ensure patient access to life-changing medicine.


Our Vision

Greenfield MC aims to be a leading producer and supplier of medicinal cannabis products in the Asia-Pacific region. We have structured joint ventures with global partners to achieve vertical integration with low-cost cultivation and sophisticated distribution networks in multiple countries. In the importation space, Greenfield MC is aligned with global suppliers of GMP-medicinal cannabis, produced to the highest quality and at the lowest cost-per-gram to ensure better and more affordable health care.


Our Experience

Greenfield MC is helmed by leaders in the medical, pharmaceutical, cannabis, cultivation, regulatory, financial, and legal industries. Our team includes a best-in-class Medical Board comprised of renowned surgeons and physicians. Our global experience combined with local know-how makes us your trusted partner.


Our Values 

Greenfield MC is an independent, privately owned company comprised of professionals from Australia and around the world. We focus on medicine, science, and results. Our mission is to ensure medicinal cannabis of the highest quality and lowest cost - that is data-driven and grounded in research - is made available to patients.