Greenfield Medicinal Cannabis is a licensed medicinal cannabis importer and distributor in Australia.

A vision to be Australia’s leading supplier of medicinal cannabis



Greenfield MC is comprised of professionals with a shared vision to be Australia’s leading wholesaler and patient-retailer of medicinal cannabis. We are headquartered in Sydney, with our team based across Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.  

Our wholesale business is driven by supply chain management and distribution logistics. We bulk supply Australian manufacturers with certified world-leading raw flower or crude oil. Greenfield MC has direct access to, and most-favoured partnerships with, some of the world’s largest low-cost producers and cultivators in Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean. We deliver those substantial costs savings to Australian manufacturers. 

In the patient-retail space we have distribution access to over 200 hospitals and 3,500 pharmacies. Our medical partners and Medical Advisory Board position us to educate patients and prescribers, and rapidly meet their respective needs. Greenfield MC is able to provide patient access to leading medicinal cannabis products under the Special Access Scheme. We work closely with doctors to ensure patient access.